The Eighth Day

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In the far future, a cataclysmic event has shattered the galaxy. Humanity is no more, leaving behind the wreckage of their interstellar empire. In the wake of their destruction several alien species quickly carved out territory amongst the last remaining habitable planets. One of these species, the militaristic Gran, seek to overpower their enemies and establish dominance over the galaxy.
Of the four species, three soon became embroiled in a decades long galactic war that came to be known as The Trinity Conflict. The emergence of a horrific threat, however, forges a tense peace. The species turn inwards to eradicate the menace, yet after many years their losses continue to mount. The Gran, in a desperate plan to boost recruitment, establish their first ever rehabilitation facility. Designed to integrate stray Gran back into society, the facility is soon inhabited by some of the Gran’s most dangerous criminals.
You play as six of these criminals, forced to work together if they ever hope to return to civilization. As their missions grow more treacherous and their orders more questionable, they find themselves doubting their actions. In an unforgiving universe, their path to redemption is paved in shades of bloody gray.

The Eighth Day is a tactics style game built in Unity. Similar to other tactics style games, the gameplay is consists of turn based strategy where the player must maneuver their units around a grid, eliminating enemy units and completing objectives. The development is currently in pre-alpha.