Game Jams

New Chapter Games occasionally takes part in indie game jams in an effort to break up the tedium of working on a single project for weeks at a time. These games are not meant to be full releases, but instead meant to help the team develop new skills while exploring ideas (from mechanics to plots) not presented in The Eighth Day. It’s also a great way for the team, who normally work independently, to come together and have fun.

Our first game jam was Slime Jam 2000 where we created SlOme. SlOme features artwork by Konstantin Vernikovskiy and Julie Shah, music by Karasu, and programming by Michael Macauley, along with level design by Quigs. This was our first 2D game and is very rough, needs to be downloaded, and is only playable on Windows. We all learned a ton about developing under a timeline and developing 2D games in general.